Can you predict the outcomes of football matches?

One thing is sure – every match starts with a draw, but how will it end?

Owing to algorithms which we have developed for a long time and our many years’ experience in predicting and analyzing sports events, we are able to predict, with high probability, whether a given match will end up with a draw.

Everyone who has been somewhat interested in sports betting is familiar with the levels of stakes for such events. As we have been highly effective, even the simplest progression may help us to achieve outstanding profits. If you co-operate with us, you will provide yourself with a chance to make use of high odds and to achieve regular profits.

There is no miraculous system, the sport is but the sport.

The Trade Soccer team consists of three human brains correlated in one system; every brain can process thirty milliard information bits per second. On average, the brain contains twenty-eight milliard neurones (nerve cells that transmit signals), owing to them our nervous system can process more information than any other system.

Although neurones function independently of one another, they can also communicate through a hundred-thousand-kilometre-long network of nerve fibres. The processing capacity of the human brain is enormous, especially when one takes into account the fact that even the fastest computers are able to make but a single operation. The reaction of one neurone can be transmitted to hundred thousands of other neurones in a time shorter than twenty milliseconds. This time corresponds, more or less, to one-tenth of time needed to blink one’s eye.

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